As A Free Evangelical Synod in South Africa,

we believe and participate in the Mission of God in which God the Father sent the Word, Jesus Christ, to become flesh, who died on the cross and who was raised again from the dead on the third day. Through the ministry of Word and sacrament, he calls and welcomes all believers into the body of Christ, equipping them for the ministry of proclaiming the gospel and caring for the world on the way to everlasting life!

Welcome to FELSISA

Serving South Africa Since 1892, With Roots in the Hermannsburg Mission

We welcome you to the website of the Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa (FELSISA). The FELSISA was founded in 1892. Its roots are traced back to the Hermannsburg Mission in Germany when a cohort of missionaries were sent to South Africa by the Mission Director, Pastor Ludwig Harms. Although its roots lie in Germany, the FELSISA endeavours to be a church for all South Africans.


An introduction to the Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa, its history, beliefs, and core values.

Biblical Stewardship

Focusing on the shift towards biblical stewardship, including teachings on Christian giving and generosity.


Join us at upcoming gatherings to deepen your faith, connect with fellow believers, and support our mission as we proclaim the Kingdom of God together.

International Lutheran Council

Explaining the ILC's history and FELSISA's global connections through confessional Lutheranism.

Resources and Studies

Providing links and references for further reading on various topics, such as the Book of Concord, pastoral letters, and related theological writings.

Our Foundation in Faith

It is bound to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as the infallible Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the Lutheran Confessions as the true and faithful exposition of the Scriptures. As such the FELSISA is a confessional Lutheran church and a member of the ILC. We would be most grateful if you should join us in divine worship in one of our congregations and actively support our mission to proclaim the Kingdom of God in word and in deed.

Parish Pastor &
Bishop of the FELSISA
Durban, KZN
Helmut Paul, initially pursuing engineering, transitioned to theology, studying extensively in Germany and the USA, and completed significant theological examinations.

Engaging with Our Community:

The FELSISA actively engages with its community through various events and happenings that reflect the vibrant life within our congregations. From joyful festivals to enriching retreats and educational seminars, our events are designed to strengthen faith and foster fellowship among members. Each gathering is an opportunity to celebrate our unity and commitment to Christ’s mission, providing enriching experiences that cater to families, youth, and the broader community.

A Visual Journey of Faith:
Below, you will find a gallery showcasing the rich tapestry of events that bring our community together. The images capture moments from traditional worship services, community outreach programs, and special celebrations that highlight the active and diverse life of our church. These snapshots not only depict our adherence to tradition but also our adaptation to the needs of a modern congregation, demonstrating how we live out our faith in dynamic and impactful ways.


The Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa (FELSISA) is committed to proclaiming the Kingdom of God in word and deed. Rooted in the Holy Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions, it strives to build a welcoming and inclusive church for all South Africans, dedicated to worship, teaching, and active community support.

Your generous contribution helps us continue proclaiming the Gospel and supporting our community in faith.

Mission Work and Outreach

Discover Our Initiatives in Spreading the Gospel Across South Africa.

Pastors Convention at Sitilo Game Farm (
Leadership & Staff

Get to know the pastors, staff, and volunteers who faithfully guide and support our synod and its congregations.

Youth Ministry

Discover programmes and resources designed to inspire, equip, and encourage young members to grow in their faith journey.

Reach Out with Your Questions

We’re here to help with any queries or support you may need. Feel free to connect with us using the form below.

Acting in Love: Embracing Agape in Our Daily Lives

Acting in Love: Embracing Agape in Our Daily Lives

Let all that you do be done in love. 1. Corinthians 16:14 Love is an extremely broad concept. For many, love is about feelings: a deep affection for someone or something. While affection is certainly part of ‘love,’ this feeling of affection alone does not constitute love – that would…

Suffering and Lamentations

Suffering and Lamentations

Pastor Tobias Ahlers, Shelley Beach If God is good, then why does He permit suffering? This often asked question is commonly known as the “problem of evil” – because if God is all powerful (and therefore can help me), why doesn’t He help me, but instead permits suffering to befall…

30 years of the International Lutheran Council

30 years of the International Lutheran Council

A report from selk_news, reprinted with permission In the festive service on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the International Lutheran Council (ILC) on 14 October, Prof. Dr Klaus Detlev Schulz (Fort Wayne/USA) was installed as General Secretary of the ILC in St. Mary’s Church in Wittenberg. The liturgist…

Interview with Pastor Christian Tiedemann

Interview with Pastor Christian Tiedemann

Part of the series: Former FELSISA pastors abroad Pastor Tiedemann, could you begin by telling us a bit about yourself? I grew up in Pongola on the Eswatini border and in Izotsha on the South Coast. I grew up speaking three languages, German, Afrikaans and English. I studied a Bachelor…

Account of hope | 5 Days in Weigersdorf

Account of hope | 5 Days in Weigersdorf

A report by selk_news / Hinrich Brandt, abridged for BLK From the 23rd to 27th of August, the “5 Tage Weigersdorf” (5 days in Weigersdorf, Germany) retreat took place, to which Pastor Karl Böhmer (Kirchdorf) was invited as the guest speaker. Weigersdorf is located between Dresden and Görlitz, in the…

Song Festival 2023

Song Festival 2023

Pastor Andreas Albers, Our Saviour, Wartburg The 51st Song Festival of the FELSISA took place on the 1st of October 2023. The festival was capably hosted by the Salem Congregation Uelzen, in partnership with the congregations of ELC Newcastle and St. Peter’s Vryheid. The verse that gave the festival its…

Upcoming events

Celebrate a unified Divine Service with FELSISA congregations from the Gauteng region on Sunday, 26th May at 09:00. This special gathering at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, located at 155 Kessel Street, Fairland, Johannesburg, will offer a powerful worship experience enriched by the harmonious sounds of a trombone ensemble and choir. Join us as we come together in faith and fellowship, sharing God’s love and grace through music and worship. All are warmly welcome.



Embark on a day filled with joy, inspiration, and fellowship at the FELSISA Youth Day on 29th June 2024, hosted at Ülzen. This vibrant gathering provides an opportunity for young believers to connect, grow, and share their faith journey. With engaging activities, spiritual guidance, and uplifting worship, this event is set to empower the next generation of Lutheran youth to embrace their faith and support one another. Be prepared for an unforgettable day of camaraderie, learning, and fun!



Celebrate the timeless beauty of music at the FELSISA Brass Band Festival on 30th June 2024. Held at Ülzen, this harmonious event will showcase the talent and passion of FELSISA brass bands as they perform together in joyful unison. The festival promises to fill the air with powerful hymns and uplifting melodies, creating an atmosphere of community, faith, and celebration. Come and be part of this musical feast as we rejoice in the spirit of fellowship through the universal language of music.