Brass-Band Association

Brass-Band Association of the FELSISA

At a brass-band festival in Uelzen on the 1st of June 1924 the bands of Lüneburg, Wittenberg, Uelzen and Kirchdorf decided to celebrate an annual brass-band festival.

This developed into the brass-band association which set as its objective a combined annual brass-band festival to give praise to the Glory of God, promote the growth of the Synod and foster church and sacred music in the bands, choirs and congregations. During the course of the years the following bands joined the association: Eschede 1927 to 1936, Pomeroy 1935 to 1937, Johannesburg 1951, Panbult 1957, Durban 1964, Pretoria 1969, Greytown 1974, Shelly Beach 1977 and Vryheid 1987.

The main task of the Brass-Band Association is to organise an annual brass-band festival to the Glory of God. All brass-bands from the various congregations participate in the festival.  It usually takes place on a weekend during the winter holidays. The annual Youth Day, organised by the Youth Organisation (see Youth Tab), is linked to the Brass-band Festival and held during the same weekend. Furthermore, the Brass-Band Association promotes brass-band music by arranging meetings and facilitating training courses.

This promotion is extended to the function of the bands within the congregations by recommending suitable material and acquiring instruments. The bands are encouraged to enrich the Divine Services of their respective congregations should liturgical opportunities arise. This musical gift is used to set the tone of God’s Word!

Psalm 150:3 – Praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet

Psalm 98:6 – With trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn- shout for joy before the Lord, the King.

Brass Band Festival In Uelzen 2018
Posaunenfest 2016 in Pretoria
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