FELSISA / Megan Du Plessis Special Needs Center
Pongolo Valley School

Megan du Plessis Special Needs Centre provides a structured, well planned Christian environment providing learners with Special Needs with optimal opportunities to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually to their full potential.

The learners, young adults, educators and facilitators are actively involved in the teaching and learning events where the learners are, within limits, free to select and explore learning activities at their own pace and according to their own interests and abilities.

Our Journey of Faith…

We are a ‘Happy Place’ for People with Special Needs…helping those, who cannot help themselves!

Who are we there for?

Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Epilepsy or any other significant developmental delays or disorders are accepted and catered for.

Our story

Hanlie and Kingsley du Plessis had a 17-year-old daughter, Megan, with Special Needs.  She sadly passed away in 2016. They bought Shelford farm, with a big shed on it, which they wanted to turn into a Special Needs Centre, for Megan and other older children.  Lene Schnackenberg approached them and asked if Thuthukani Preschool, a school for Special Needs Children,  could ‘join’ their project – and they approved. So the doors of Megan du Plessis Special Needs Centre were officially opened on the 4th August 2018.  Thuthukani Preschool, which was opened on the 1st September 2014, by Lene,  joined the Megan du Plessis Foundation in January 2018 and gave up its name – nothing else – on the 23rd August 2018 when all the teachers, children, toys, equipment and material moved to Shelford Farm.

‘Megan du Plessis Special Needs Centre’ was opened in remembrance of Megan and to the honour of God.

This Centre is now the Happy Place for many and our joy, expertise and passion continues as we work and play with learners that are different from the mainstream but definitely not less.

“If children don’t learn the way we teach, we will teach them the way they learn.”   Temple Grandin

Contact Us

Shelford Farm, Bushy Vales, Marina Beach
P.O.Box 1034, Margate, 4275
Lene: 084 5492001

NPC Number: NPC2018/024001/08
PBO Number: 930068388

Banking Details: Standard Bank;
Name of account:  Megan du Plessis Foundation
Account number:  252 481 216
Branch Code:  051001