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Pongolo Valley School

Pongolo Valley Pre- & Primary School was established in March 2017 on the Farm Welbedacht, near Lüneburg.

It is an independent, English-medium school based on Christian principles and values. PVP is registered as a non-profit company and a public benefit organisation.

It was started out of a desperate need by Zulu-speaking parents of our rural community to be able to send their children to an affordable school where the education and overall wellbeing of each child is a matter of high priority.

We started off in 2017 with two grades in the preschool – Grade R and RR, with 25 children in each grade. We have now grown to 168 children, 69 in the preschool, where we have added Grade RRR and 99 in Grades 1-4. God willing we hope for our first Grade R class to complete their seventh Grade at our school in 2024. We have 7 qualified teachers as well as 12 student teachers and assistants on our staff – and are grateful for the great team that they are. Lessons are held in English but are translated into Zulu on a continual basis, enabling the children to follow, understand and learn well.
It is very important to us that our children feel supported, understood, and cared for at our school. Their emotional well-being enables them to learn with confidence and motivation.

Being visible on social media has become very much part of a public benefit organisation. You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram under the name: Pongolo Valley Primary School. On our website www.pvpschool.co.za you can read our story, about who we are, our everyday life and read and/or subscribe to our newsletters We thank everyone who follows, likes, and shares our pages – it really does lift our spirits to see your like!
Pongolo Valley School (the name comes from the river flowing through our valley) is a good place to be. We invite you to come by and visit us if you are in the area.

Pongolo Valley School
Pongolo Valley School Children in Class