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Ecumenical Outreach

Although the membership of the FELSISA in South Africa is relatively small, the synod is part of a worldwide family of churches which are bound by the Lutheran confessions.

They are situated in Germany, France, Belgium, England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, India, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa itself.

Most of the churches belong to the so-called International Lutheran Council, the members of which all accept the Lutheran confessions as binding and strive to preserve them in the face of international organisations which do not do so. The FELSISA is grateful to belong to this true ecumenical Lutheran church family.

It is our duty and obligation to be steadfast in our belief in the Word and the confessions – and to live up to the beliefs of our church. Hereby we wish to contribute to the true unity of the church in Southern Africa.

Ecumenical Outreach