Kurt Schnackenberg

Strengthening Lutheran Foundations through Theological Study and Pastoral Care

I was born and raised in a Christian home in Pretoria. Baptism, catechises leading to Confirmation was all received at St. Paul’s Lutheran congregation in Arcadia, Pretoria. I attended the Deutsche Schule Pretoria (DSP) until Grade 7. For high-school I went to Pretoria Noord Hoërskool. After doing two years military service in the artillery airborne unit I studied at the Technikon Pretoria completing T5 Masters-Diploma in the field of Electronics whilst working for Kentron. For 14 years I worked for Kentron mainly involved in the R&D Radar department. I got married to Magdalene neé Weber. After about 18 months marriage I finally decided to enrol into a theological seminary (LTHH of the SELK Germany) to follow the calling I was receiving through circumstances and especially through other people. Within three and a half weeks, we sold our property, car and most things and moved to Oberursel Germany. My oldest son Robert was 6 months old. By the time he needed to go to school I had completed my studies and we could move back to SA. Two other boys were born in Germany. We had a lovely “student” time in Germany. We had no car. All travelling was done by bicycle, bus and train. I did my vicarage in Durban-Westville under pastor Helmut Straeuli for one year.