Matthias Albers

Guiding Lutheran Faith from Johannesburg to Pretoria and Beyond

Matthias Albers was born on 13. April 1961 in Johannesburg. His parents were Pastor Ernst-August Albers and Eva (nee Schulz).

He first attended Uelzen Primary School from 1968-1974 and then Greytown High School from 1975-1979. After studying ancient languages at the University of Pretoria to graduate with an Bachelor of Arts in 1982, he continued his theological studies at the Lutheran Seminaries in Pretoria and Oberusel, Germany to graduate with a Diploma in Lutheran Theology in 1986.

He was ordained in July 1990 after completing two years of National Service as Chaplain in the South African Defence Force, followed by his vicarage in Pretoria, Wartburg and Lüneburg, He served the FELSISA congregations at Lüneburg from 1990-1999, and Arcadia (Pretoria) from 1999-2012.