Music in the Church

Harmonies of Faith: Celebrating Music in the FELSISA

Music in the church is highly valued in the FELSISA

Music holds a revered place within the Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa (FELSISA), reflecting a profound commitment to worship and praise through harmonious expressions. Rooted in a deep Lutheran tradition, music is not just an accompaniment to worship but a vital component of our spiritual life and liturgical practice. Our synod actively promotes and nurtures this rich musical heritage, believing that through music, we can both glorify God and enrich the faith experience of our congregations.

Music In The Church - FELSISA

Brass Band Association:
The Brass Band Association embodies the vibrant tradition of brass music in the church, a legacy that resonates with the sound of trumpets, trombones, and tubas during worship services and special church events. These ensembles contribute not only to the aesthetic beauty of our services but also to the spiritual vitality of our congregational life. The association focuses on training musicians, organising music festivals, and ensuring that brass music continues to be a strong and inspiring part of our church culture.

Church Choirs:
Choirs within the FELSISA play a critical role in leading the congregation in song and providing an enriching auditory backdrop to our worship services. From traditional hymns to more contemporary spiritual compositions, our choirs adapt and evolve, bringing together voices from across the ages to sing in unison. The Church Choirs Association focuses on enhancing vocal talents, sharing musical resources, and conducting workshops and choir festivals to maintain a high standard of choral performance.

Organists hold a key position in our music ministry, mastering the complex and majestic church organ that leads and lifts the congregation’s voices in worship. The Organists’ Association is dedicated to the training and development of organists, providing them with the skills needed to handle the intricacies of organ play. This association also serves as a community for sharing experiences and techniques, ensuring that the art of organ playing is preserved and passed down through generations.

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