Werner Sträuli

From Chemical Engineering to Lutheran Theological Leadership in Wittenberg

I was born in Pretoria in 1992 and was baptised at St. Paul’s on 21.07.1992. I went to school at the German School Pretoria. After completing my “gap year” in Germany in 2011, I studied Chemical Engineering at TUKS in Pretoria in 2012. During my studies, however, I became more and more interested in studying theology, so at the beginning of 2013, I stopped my engineering studies and started studying theology at TUKS. During this time I also attended some courses at LTS in Pretoria. After completing my Bachelor’s in Biblical Languages in 2015, I moved to Oberursel, Germany, where I continued my theology studies. This study was enriched by a year-long exchange program with the United States of America. Fortunately, I was able to write my exam despite the Corona pandemic and passed my 1st exam on 26 February 2021.