Andreas Albers

Bridging Continents with Lutheran Theology, from South Africa to Germany and the USA

My name is Andreas Albers (4/9/89). I first grew up in rural Lüneburg in Northern Natal. In 1999 we then moved to Pretoria. After finishing school, I enrolled for Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Pretoria. My majors were Biblical Languages (Greek and Hebrew) and History of Ancient Cultures. Upon completion I continued my studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Oberursel, Germany. Apart from studying a total of 4 years in Oberursel, I also studied for one Semester at the University of Hamburg, one year at the Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indianda, USA, and one semester at the University of Frankfurt. In July 2016, I got married lovely wife Maria. In February 2018, I successfully completed my 1st theological exam. I then served as a vicar at the St. Paul congregation in Fairland. After successfully completing my 2nd theological exam, I was ordained into the ministry in July 2019. Soon after I was called to serve the Our Saviour congregation in Wartburg, where I began my service in October 2019. Being founded in 1995, Our Saviour is a small but vibrant congregation. May the Lord bless our congregation and our work in furthering His kingdom here on earth.