English Lutheran Fellowship, Randburg

Reverence in Every Service

Uniting in Faith and Doctrine: A Journey of Reverent Worship

Parish Pastor
Johannesburg, GP

Raised in Pretoria, served in military, worked in electronics R&D, then pursued theology in Germany, completing studies before returning to South Africa.

Founded in 1990, the English Lutheran Fellowship, Randburg congregation is situated in Ferndale, Randburg, in North-Western Johannesburg. The first fully English congregation of the FELSISA, it serves Christians from many different language backgrounds – English being the common one that unites us all. ELF is committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, so that all may receive God’s gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation.

The English Lutheran Fellowship is a Confessional Lutheran congregation, and a member of the Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa (FELSISA). We practice what we believe, and we believe what we practice. While other churches seek to be relevant and entertaining, we seek to be faithful to Holy Scripture and our Lutheran Confessions. Our focus in both worship and study is on Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Services are done with reverence and awe, as we gather in the very presence of our Lord in His Holy House to receive His divine gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation through His Holy Word and Sacraments. If you are looking for authentic and historic Christianity, substantive and reverent Christian worship, and a holy encounter with our Holy Lord, you will find it at ELF.

The English Lutheran Fellowship is a Confessional Lutheran church and subscribes unconditionally to the Lutheran Confessions contained in the Book of Concord of 1580. We believe that these Confessions put forth a correct and thorough exposition of God’s Holy Word. We do not hold these Confessions above God’s Holy Word as it is revealed to us in the Bible. The Bible is the absolute sole source and norm of all Christian doctrine. Our Confessions simply confess and teach what God reveals to us in the Bible. By subscribing unconditionally to our Lutheran Confessions, we are saying that what our Confessions teach about Christian doctrine -as it is revealed in God’s Holy Word- is what we believe and confess to be true.

At the English Lutheran Fellowship we believe that worship is God’s Divine Service to us. We come into His House to receive His gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation, which He graciously and lovingly gives to us through His means of grace – His Holy Word and Sacraments. We respond to the gifts we are given with praise, adoration, and thanksgiving through the singing of hymns and by speaking back to God the words He has spoken to us in His Holy Word. We believe that Divine Service is a sacred time when we are invited to come into the very Holy of Holies to be in the very presence of our Lord. We invite you to join us for Divine Service, which take place every Sunday at 9:00.

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