Nathan Mntambo

Fostering Lutheran Unity and Education in South Africa

Pastor Nathan Mntambo
I am Musawenkosi Nathan Mntambo, babtized in July 1973 at the Lutheran church Enhlanhleni. Currently I am the pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Arcadia since 2012, and live with my wife and our two daughters in Pretoria. Enhlanhleni seminary was my theological undergraduate school between 1993 and 1997. Between 1996 and 2000 I was a vicar and pastor in congregations of the LCSA: Pella, Mofolo, and Katlegong. My post-graduate studies were at the Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne from 1998 up to 2000. On 24 September 2000 I was ordained at the Katlegong congregation and served there several months. In 2001 I taught at the LTS in Tshwane until 2015, and since then I teach at the LTS in Tshwane on part time basis. The ELC Arcadia is located at 790 Arcadia Street, Pretoria in a property of the seminary (the LTS in Tshwane). ELC Arcadia consists of people from different parts of the country, the continent, and from abroad. Rising out of a need to provide a spiritual home for the seminary students, in the year 2000, the congregation was started, by the Rev. Dr. W. Weber. Confessional Lutherans from all over South Africa and the world made it their home. People from other Lutheran Synods have also been joining the congregation since the beginning. From 2007 until 2012, Pastor A. Wittenberg served congregation, accompanied by his wife Mareike. During their time the congregation grew further and was officially constituted in 2009.